Interactive Installation by Mathias Gartner & Vera Tolazzi
@Ars Electronica Festival 2020, In Kepler's Garden



"The Transparency of Randomness" gives insight into the world of randomness. In this interactive installation, visitors can directly experience the significance of the complex interplay of randomness and stochastics in current mathematical and physical research. 

27 transparent boxes, floating in space, continuously generate random numbers by using the well-known medium of the dice. The process of random number generation is influenced by the complexity of nature and its structures, using a variety of natural materials. The ensemble of all generated random numbers forms the basis of a real-time calculation and comprehensibly demonstrates the impressive role in scientific research.


Platanus Hispanica in portrait


Visitor interaction


Immerse yourself into the world of randomness and become an active part of the installation with your self-generated random number.


Exhibition set-up at the LIT Open Innovation Center.

Creation of the 27 ramps for the boxes. Each equipped with different natural materials varying from palm leaves, lavender, cotton to cinammon and pepper.

The assembly of the boxes begins! 108 stepper motors are used in the whole installation, which together with permanent electric magnets and strings will make up a transportation system that is used for rolling the dice.